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Race Rules

  1. The Doves that will participate will be ringed only and exclusively, with officially recognized rings of the year 2018. If they are not available, please contact the organizers. Only Australia and New Zealand can send 2017 due to the ring allocation dates.
  2. A team consists of 5 activated pigeons + 3 reserve pigeons. 5 pigeons are activated with the participation fee of € 500, leaving the reserve 3 to be automatically replaced in case of absence of any of the equipment. In case there are all 5 pigeons of the team, each reserve pigeon is activated at the cost of € 100 before the I HOT SPOT  (payment of Rule 2 and payment) there is no limit of equipment for the participants to send teams to the race .
  3. The entry means that a team or a pigeon has paid the corresponding fee to fly in this great race and is activated,
  4. There is no limit of pigeons per participant in multiples of 5 or in special agreement with lofts before entering.
  5. Once the pigeons have been assigned to a team, they can not be transferred to another team, only if no payment has been made and the organization has the right to sell to third parties or withdraw from the race or qualify as Disqualified ( DQ for lack of payment)
  6. If you do not define your equipment, it will be assigned automatically.
  7. The Gran Canaria One Loft Race reserves the admission rights and follows the code of practice in the loft and has the right to add names to all the major loft races of individuals who have been excluded from participating in this great race.
  8. The pigeons or teams that have not been paid by Pre Training will lose the right to continue in the race and the pigeons or equipment will be auctioned or sold by the organization, without the right to receive money for the participant who sent them.
  9. Start date of pre-training begins in November 2018 to December 2018 can be put back if the organization feels that the birds have not oriented or we have a delay of the last shipment. The last shipment is currently Kassel show, Germany, the organization will be publicly updated if this changes.
  10. We can modify the rules at any time by making it public on the day of the change, duly justified.
  11. The official rules are those written in the Spanish language and before any litigation will be resolved in the Courts of Gran Canaria.
  12. In case there are pigeons in which they can not participate and have sent the pigeons to participate in the races (“GOLDEN ODISSEY”, in “MOROCCO-TARFAYA ONE LOFT RACE” in conjunction with the race “BLUE ODISSEY” in GRAN CANARIA ONE LOFT RACE the Great ONE LOFT CHALLENGE Competition or vice versa) and can not send due to causes of political instability between countries, health barriers and events, customs barriers, problems with time or any type of instability or problem that makes impossible the Transfers between Continents and Countries and participation in some of the races, the corresponding prizes will be readjusted in the proportion affected by the events of force majeure.
  13. To participate in this race it is understood that these rules are accepted

Fee and Payments

  1. The price of entry of a team is € 500, a team consisting of 5 pigeons activated + 3 pigeons reserve in case that when they start pretraining missing some of the equipment, to replace the missing pigeon.
  2. The reserve pigeon is to replace if any of the equipment is missing before the Pretraining, in case there are 5 pigeons on the team, reserve pigeons are activated for € 100 each pigeon.
  3. The price of loose pigeons is € 150 each to participate.
  4. Transportation is paid by the participants.
  5. A pigeon can only participate if the organization is receiving full payment directly to GC OLR before shipment
  6. Pigeons must be paid when they are sent to Gran Canaria One. The bank transfer (Copy) must be sent to the organization no later than 48 hours after the transaction. This should indicate the name of the union as a reference, and the name of the Team in case it is different.
  7. The registration and entry period for young pigeons is from February 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018
  8. The registration form must be sent by email to

Banking details

Canarias Club”

Entidad: “CAJAMAR”

Cuenta: 54 3058 6103 2127 2002 4250

IBAN: ES54 3058 6103 2127 2002 4250


The pigeons

Pigeons not paid

All pigeons and equipment that have not been paid and activated before November 2018 will become the property of the Organization that can do what it deems appropriate, or withdraw them from the race or sell to other par-ticipants who are interested. At the discretion of the Organizers

Reserve Pigeons: the choice is yours

  1. You have the option of not sending reserve pigeons; however, this decision will affect the “Team”.
  2. The 3 pigeons of reserve of a team is to replace automatically in case of absence of any of the equipment. In case all the 5 pigeons of the team are before the I Hot Spot, each reserve pigeon is activated at the cost of € 100 before the I Hot Spot (payment of Rule 2 and payment) there is no limit of equipment for the participants send teams to the race.
  3. When a favorite pigeon is lost and does not return, the next reserve pigeon available replaces it. If this favorite pigeon returns later, its status would be that of a reserve pigeon. If you lose before a Hot Spot race, the reserve pigeon will replace the lost pigeon immediately

Reserve pigeons not paid

1. As pigeons of reservations not entered may, at the discre-tion of the organizers, participate in the race by a third party who wants to activate it. This process will begin approximately one week before the Hot Spot I Car Race

The teams that compete

If we lose all your pigeons from your union regardless of the number of teams before the survival race we will give you a free ticket of 5 pigeons the following year when you send a team to participate. So to get your free entry you must send at least one team to get your free equipment. This is only for unions that lose all equipment.

(5 pigeons then free team 5 = 10 pigeons)


1. It is a legal requirement to vaccinate the pigeons 15 days before they are sent with a veterinary certifi-cate or the signature of the witness and the full name by two members of the pigeon. By accepting these rules you understand that if your pigeon gets paramyxovirus this is not due to our strict quarantine pro-cedure and the hospitalization of the infected birds.

2. All pigeons are vaccinated upon arrival at the facility.

3. Once vaccinated, they will be quarantined to ensure that all the birds leaving for the racing loft will have the same treatment and continuity, but also the same robustness immunity to compete in this great race.

4. The hospital facility will be applied all year round and could be a specialist in this, by hand for the nurse’s birds back to full fitness. Any bird that enters the hospital will be placed on the hospital list. We will not let the pigeon leave the hospital until it is 100% ready to run. Each pigeon that enters the hospital has the right to compete in any Hotspot and final.

Information and ringing of pigeons

1. The pigeons will be tagged electronically.

2. The relevant data will be entered into a protected database.

3. The information about the aspects of the race will be announced through the web platform.

4. All participants will be informed if their pigeons have completed the races through the website platform.

Venture-Buy enter-sponsor

  1. The sponsor-venture pigeons will have a price of: 100 €
  2. After the survival race € 150
  3. Before the final € 200

Additional Information

Pedigree presentation rule

All pedigree of pigeons must be with us 7 days before the 1st Hotspot, this is for us to plan and prepare for the big auction at the end of the series. If you are having problems with the production of a pedigree we can help you by sending you a template of a pedigree form, but it will be blank for your entry. Unfortunately all pigeons without pedigrees before or on this date will lose there the bird percentage of the auction. This would be a great blow for us and for yourselves, since the dove has earned that right to send a great figure in the auction. Please make sure that your pedigree is sent in a timely manner to avoid loss

Shipping instructions

  1. Coordinators have full control over shipments and dates. They also have the authority to reject any person for the good of the race or any pigeon for health reasons.
  2. The registration form must be sent by email the day of sending your pigeons. Or given to your coordinator to send. Complete a commercial invoice for customs purposes that clearly indicates: “no commercial value”
  3. The health certificate / import permit, the commercial invoice and the entry form must be sent with your pigeons to the organization.

Shipping Address

Gramobel.SL – Gran Canaria One Loft Race Canarias

Zoological Center (Registered in the REGA): E-GC-006-20729

Reference number: ES35006002079

Address: Pasaje Galileo Nº49 El Cardonal, Arucas 35413, Las Palmas, Spain

Training and Races

Live training

  1. All pigeons will be run on ETS pads before any coach, Any hotspots / Final all birds will be secured on a base by one and put in the correct sex baskets.
  2. Each coach / race will be shown live

The races

  1. . All activated pigeons will compete in these races.
  2. No pre-training payment will mean that the pigeons / teams are removed from the race.
  3. Doves that have not been paid for pre-training, these pigeons will be removed from the race.
  4. The races will have the proportional prizes in the table of prizes
  5. Hotspots if the pigeons are clocked in the same minute seconds and decimal the prize will be divided 50/50. (1-2 positions) and both will be classified as winners.
  6. The final race if the pigeons are clocked in the same minute and decimal seconds, the prize will be divided 50/50. (1-2 places) and both will be classified as winners and an addition trophy will be made.
  7. All races will be shown live and the correct list of the basket will be delivered before the coach and the race. This gives you 100% transparency as a participant, but it also protects our great career for any objection.
  8. There will be no unofficial training as this breaks all the transparency and confidence of pigeon races.
  9. Any official or person may inspect baskets or attics at any time but the courtesy telephone call would be good.
  10. We have 20 “pigeon pigeon” pigeons these will be adult pigeons that carry cameras for their entertainment. These pigeons will go to all the coaches and races. To produce evidence and information for you and for us as a race, but also for the impressive videos of your pigeons in a natural environment.
  11. As a single loft race we guarantee the competitor a true winning champion here in the Canary Islands. We do not release our pigeons with a federation to bring their pigeons back to the attic. We do not use your money to finance a prize for locals and foreigners.
  12. The 100km to 500km races can be changed if the weather of the day is not good for the pigeons’ health. The race will be the best destination for birds.
  13. Traductor de Google para empresas:Google Translator ToolkitTraductor de sitios we

Prize money

  1. The Total of Prizes in Dispute is € 225,000
  2. The prize money will be pro rata to the percentage of entries in our great career. The basis for calculating the percentage is 700 teams (3500 pigeons) maximum = 100%. It corresponds € 125,000
  3. 700 maximum equipment = 100%. It corresponds € 125,000
  4. 350 teams corresponds € 62,500
  5. The more we have the more we pay.
  6. Mega first super prize of 140,000 € Will be paid only with more than 800 teams (4000 pigeons) entered and paid
  7. With 700 teams the first prize is 40,000 or percentage according to the number of teams, on this basis.
  8. The winners of cars have the option of: taking the car available in Gran Canaria to the value of € 6,000. Or cash in the personal account or take money to upgrade to any car of your liking and photo that will be supplied to our management team to post on the website, but this will not indicate our prize as the transparency of the race should be 100% confirmed
  9. Nominations: There will be Nomination installation in 2018/19 through accounts and pay pal. The organization will take 10% of all funds and then divide it into 20/1 status. The final nomination of the car will be the same and you can take the car to the value of the total amount or of the money deducted the corresponding taxes.
  10. The prizes are gross values and they will be subject to the corresponding tax withholdings according to current legislation

Reserved zone or Login

Each participant will have a reserved area on the website to view their accounts, unions, teams and
pigeons With a Loging number and your Password.

All winners will be paid after the auction or left in the account for the following year. All prize money will be cred-ited to your account data online on the website once the corresponding tax deductions have been made according to the applicable legislation.
In your account your registration fee is paid, the net prizes you get in the competition and in the nominations and the amount of the auction of your pigeons and the amount to participate and the purchases made by auction and pigeons will be charged to the account venture and nominations in races, as long as you have sufficient balance.
After the competition and the auction, the existing balance may be left for registration in the following year. If you want to withdraw it, you must notify the administration so that it is transferred to your bank account.


  1. Pedigrees must be supplied before the first Hotspot.
  2. All auctions are based on the auction rate of 25% and the photo fee of € 10. The tax can be applied depending on the country in which the Auction materializes (buyers to pay taxes)
  3. After deductions of costs all outstanding monies will be divided into 50% breeder 50% organization.
  4. Risk pigeons will be sold as less costs
  5. No presentation of pedigree costs less 100% values Organization if the genealogies are not presented before the first access point.
  6. All transportation costs are paid by the buyer.