Super Gold Medal

//Super Gold Medal

Super Gold Medal

Three cheeses from Gran Canaria,

Super Gold medal of the World Cheese Awards 2017

The Super Gold medal of these international awards is a distinction that until now had not achieved any grancanaria cheese and that places this delicious trio of cheeses among the 65 best in the world.

Three cheeses from Gran Canaria received the Super Gold medal from the International World Cheese Awards (WCA) held in London, a distinction that until now had not achieved any grancanarian cheese factory and that places this delicious trio of cheeses among the 65 best in the world, informed the Food Sovereignty advisor, Miguel Hidalgo.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria financed the shipment to the contest of the products of the cheese factories that request it, nine of the fifteen that won awards in this case.

Thus, the Goat Cured Cheese from La Gloria reached the Super Gold medal, made in an artisanal way. This typical goat cheese from the south of Gran Canaria achieves a perfect balance between the elements of the most traditional cheese of the Island, with a light acid taste, closed to the cut and grainy texture, a delicacy that now receives a worldwide recognition.

The Isla Bonita Ahumado and Lomo del Palo Oveja were the other two cheeses that reached the highest mentions, two products produced by the company Bolaos Cheese among the five distinctions that this industry has accumulated in this year’s WCA contest.

The Isla Bonita Ahumado, a variety on the rise in Gran Canaria, has a cure of just over a month and has an outstanding acceptance in the local market, especially in restaurants, where the usual way of serving it is grilled accompanied by jams

On the other hand, Lomo del Palo Oveja, with a yellowish color, has touches of animal flavor and soft texture resulting from ten months of maturation in the chamber where the pieces are subjected to a laborious process of oiling and repositioning to provide homogeneity.

Gold, silver and bronze medals

The list of recognitions continues with the three gold medals of Finca Fuente Morales Curado, Lomo Gallego Curado and the Semi Smoked Cheese Flor de Valsequillo, which confirms the commitment to this technique in the cheese making of the island.

The Cortijo Las Hoyas Cured Sheep, Angelita Semicurado and Madrelagua Curado Pimentón cheeses were recognized with a silver medal and the remaining six awards were bronze, three of them for Quesería Bolaños -Pajonales Curado de Cabra, Pajonales Pimentón and Fagagesto Duro- and another three for Cortijo de Galeote Cured of Sheep, Craft Guedes Cured of Mixture and Semi Cured with Caprican Paprika.

The cheeses of Gran Canaria gave a great leap last year when they won 14 medals in San Sebastian against the four in Birmingham in 2015, six the previous year and seven in 2013, while this year not only revalidated the medal volume but they managed to increase the medal count, which demonstrates the effort of the sector to improve their products, their quality and their textures, which has turned them into unavoidable products in a good table.


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