his beginning in the world of the pigeons occurs at an early age of 3 years, the concern to see the pigeons fly makes him go little by little taking an interest in them, through neighbors and relatives he begins those first contacts, when he gets the entrance In the baccalaureate as a prize give him his first pair of messenger pigeons from that day his afternoon dedicated to pigeons. In 1946 with only 16 years becomes the partner of the society the messenger with the No. 104.

Year 1947, he traveled his first Tan-Tan dove (Africa) with great joy, then he would get other more traveled from the coast of Africa. For labor reasons, for 25 years would remove the colombofilia, returning later to our days.

D. Tomas Santana belongs to a legendary family in the world of the colombofilia Canaria with his brothers D. Rosendo, D. Antoñote and D. Tomas, obtained that many pigeons raised by D. Tomas were traveled by D. Rosendo from Madeira (Portugal ), Casablanca, Agadir and Tan-tan (Africa) loose of maximum difficulty in the Canary Islands.
The fundamental line in the pigeon is based on pigeons of the year 1.945 Canaria crosses with English and Portuguese pigeons and two couples of Ian Ardem of 1981 and some eggs of the pigeons of Santana Martín.

D. Tomas is and has been a participant in the Gran Canaria One Loft Race tells us that in this derby he spends some very good times enjoying the companions and especially in the different races that are organized in each edition so I want to congratulate And support the Gran Canaria One Loft Race derby.

He tells us that the future of colombofilia is in this type of competition for the spectacle that is created, the sharing with other fanciers in the same loft the excitement of the arrivals of the pigeons and the opportunity to compete internationally.

We bid farewell to D. Tomas Santana thanking him for allowing us to share this interview with him and wishing him to continue along this path of success.

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