Gran Canaria: Twelve months to live the sea

//Gran Canaria: Twelve months to live the sea

Gran Canaria: Twelve months to live the sea

236 kilometres of coastline make Gran Canaria a port of call for a multitude of visitors. Sailorsdiverssurfersdeep sea fishermen. All come to get away to an island with magnetic powers for drawing in anyone who is looking for a sea of fine weather.

But what brings together such a wide range of people to this particular point in the ocean? This is where the recipe for our marine cocktail comes into its own. The first ingredient is one of the finest climates in Europe. The water temperature (between 18 degrees in Winter and 22 the rest of the year) and the perfect sea and wind conditions allow for nautical sports twelve months of the year.

dded to this are the marine currents that bring in schoals of fish to the spectacular sea beds. Plus winds made to measure, offering great regattas. On an island which keeps its gigantic sports marina open all year round, with a range of infrastructures with which to make full use of its natural conditions.

This is the reason why this little spot on the ocean has been home to some of the greatest sailors such as Fernando León, the Doreste brothers, Roberto Molina, Patricia Guerra and Domingo Manrique de Lara. And elite windsurfers Daida and Iballa Ruano, plus 13 times world champion Björn Dunkerbeck.

If you are a sea wolf, diver, surfer or kitesurfer, you can rest assured your holiday destination awaits you here in Gran Canaria.

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