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It has decided to make an update of the bases to offer a better competition.
With this new update of the rules we consider the most competitive race in terms of cost of registration and the prizes of the winners.

The changes of the rules are as follows:

  • The cost of the team (5 + 3 free pigeons) is 500 €
  • Each pigeon costs 62,5€
  • All the pigeons are eligible for a prize

Prize money will be pro rota to the porcentage of entries in to our great race.

  • Megaprize of 235.000€ will be paid out on 700 team entering.
  • 135.00€ total prize will be paid out with 600 teams fully paid up.
  • 67,500€ total prize will be paid out with 300 teams fully paid up.
  • 33,750€ total prize will be paid out with 150 teams fully paid up.

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